Monday, March 14, 2016

Being a Member of a Ministry - (VAM - Visual Aids Ministry)

So I’ve become a member of this ministry called the Visual Aids Ministry or VAM.  I ask myself as I nervously begin my first “solo” shift, “How did I get here?”  Well, I had long wanted to become active in the Church again but just didn’t know in what capacity or in what way I could best be used by God.  It was during those hours of waiting for my son while he was still training to be an altar server, having his weekly meetings/trainings that I would sit idly in the church observing passively people’s comings and goings.  There was the young, vibrant group of lector-commentators practicing their readings, the voices and sounds from the choirs and organist as they practiced their songs and, at times, the altar servers, as they practiced their service at the altar or their processional marches - practices or activities that are not usually witnessed by the regular mass attendees.

And there I sat idly.

Flashback to circa 1996 to 2002… (and it seems so long ago now)…  I would arrive to our Christian Life Program where I was an active member of Singles for Christ (Seattle, WA Chapter), greet each member and participant, set-up my keyboard, practice, play some songs, be part of the meeting and pray-over, or when assigned be part of the prayer warriors, play more songs, and afterwards help set up and serve the food, etc. etc.  It was a tiring, busy and fulfilling ministry and one that I have missed since.

Then, I hardly had time to sit idly.

Fast-forward… after my son was commissioned as an altar server and became an active member, he would try to convince me and my husband to also join a ministry: “Dad, mag-lay minister ka na. Mom, mag-greeter ka”.  Natatawa na lang kami ng asawa ko.  On several occasions, a couple of altar servers, came to our home in regards to some of the activities of their ministry.  One of them, in his persistence, would again invite both my husband and I to become part of a ministry.  I did consider volunteering to be an organist, but well, it’s been awhile since I’ve played and to be honest, I didn’t consider myself that gifted – yes I read music notes thanks to the many lessons of my childhood, but yeah, well… I didn’t feel good enough to play in mass.

My background is in computers and I more seriously considered the Media Ministry, and when I showed my willingness, I got invited the next day to be trained.  And that’s how it started… I said “yes”, I was willing and I came.

God opens many doors, and He is always waiting for us to come in… He just waits for us to willingly take that first step.

Oh, I still have a long way to go in learning the ropes.  Bear with us folks, if ever you see that the projector screen is not on cue or the wrong slide is shown.  It’s not as easy as it looks, and more factors are involved than a mere Powerpoint presentation.  But with God’s grace and helping hand, He will make all things work out.  To God be the Glory. 


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