Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Reflection on Buffet Meals and Ash Wednesday

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday as we are again reminded that "For you are dust, And to dust you shall return." Genesis 3:19 (New American Standard)...

For the past two days, we ate buffet style. The first last Sunday after going to Mass we headed to Eastwood City to Somethin' Fishy for their Midnight to 10am buffet.  And just yesterday, we unexpectedly got an invitation to Jojo's nephew's son's birthday celebration to have merienda at Dad's at SM Megamall.  There have been countless other times that we have eaten at these and other buffet restaurants, feasting to our heart's content or at least to the point that our stomach tells us to stop and we feel that we can't look at any other food or everything we ate will go into reverse mode.

There are some good buffets and others not so, the best costing more of course.  Vikings has to be one of the best, and one of the most expensive.  We chose Somethin' Fishy because of the reasonable price that satisfies.  But our experience last Sunday was less than satisfying, maybe because we got there late and got seated at around 9am with only an hour left for the end of the "shift".  And so there were dishes that you had to literally scrape the bottom of and dishes that didn't get refilled.  There were dishes that hit the taste buds, and others not so.  With Joselyn being the picky eater she opted for the Yang chow rice, eggs and the waffles/pancakes section. Medyo lugi pagdating kay Joselyn. Benjo on the other hand is more adventurous and we always get our money's worth with Benjo.

Oh, I was contemplating on Ash Wednesday.  When I eat at buffets I do feel a twinge of guilt, being reminded that there are so many who either have nothing on their plates or if they do, is not enough. And here are these platters of dishes for your choosing, where we get to eat as much as you want (or in some cases until the serving dishes are emptied).  I realize too that this binge eating style is not healthy for our stomachs.  Although I try to choose healthy foods at these buffets, still there is always a tendency to eat way over our limits.  Starving yourself before the buffet and then making yourself full afterwards cannot be healthy for our internal organs like our intestines.  Buffet meals are truly temptations to the sin of gluttony and if we don't realize it, our bodies will feel the consequences of this excessive lifestyle.

Ash Wednesday, the start of the Lenten season, reminds us that our lives are only temporary.  There is a permanent life waiting for us.  Our bodies are made of "dust" but while our spirits live within this earthen body, let us take care of it.

Let us be reminded to live more simply, to not live in excess, to be satisfied with what we are given, and to share the gifts that God has given us in abundance.


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