Sunday, February 21, 2016

On the Phenomenal AlDub - From a Proud Fan

I mentioned in a previous blog that I would write on Aldub, and here it goes. So where do I start? Aldub has become such a phenomenal love team that has kept trending and hitting records on twitter in the past 7 months.

Their recent Valentine's date

I could tell you the background of Aldub - how it started and developed et al, but I want to write on a personal note and try to explain it from my own experiences and feelings.  Have you ever been a fan before - of a celebrity, singer, actor, sports personality or team?  I do remember my past idols: Scott Baio (And I hear a resounding “WHhooo???” from the younger generation. Believe me he was a cutie during my younger years and I did see him recently and he still is looking great).  Then there was the Purefoods team of the late 80s with the likes of hunks, Jojo Lastimosa and Alvin Patrimonio.  I was in college at the time and a couple of classmates and I went to one of the team’s workout/fan day fair and I remember, with some embarrassment, running and screaming to get close to the players and even giving Alvin a kiss. I shriek now from embarrassment as I write this.  Honestly I’m the shy, reserved type and was coerced by my classmate to give him a peck on the cheek, hehe – blushing as I make this confession.

So anyway, I’m sure the reader knows what I mean.  You idolize someone and become a little obsessed with them.  Now the last couple that I actually became a fan of is the love team of Katherine Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.  I loved them in the teleserye “Got to Believe” and even watched “She’s Dating the Gangster” with my family.  But since Aldub, I see no other love teams or personalities. I have total admiration for the new phenomenal stars, Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards.  Their love team is so different from the rest and we fans have become so connected (and as I've read it mentioned before, so "emotionally invested") because we were there when it all started – from that very first glance-  July 16, 2015 to be exact (and Maine has even noted the exact time).

That first glance and smile

From that first glance, a connection started – a spark that has hit so many lives.  We, Aldubnation (the fans of Aldub), have stayed tuned to how their romance has bloomed, wanting so much to see it go from reel to real.  It’s the little nuances – that started from the looks, grins, fan signs and just recently the touches - that gives this kilig (tingly feeling inside) that have kept us tuned-in to the Kalyeserye segment of Eat Bulaga.  I’ve read many times of people, both men and women, from all different age brackets and from different walks of life, experiencing this kilig feeling, when seeing the two make their exchanges.

These exchanges are subtle, no torrid kisses or hardly any kisses, even the ones we’ve seen are innocent kisses on the cheeks or the foreheads.  Even the slightest touch brings on the shrieks of the crowds.  Their wittiness is so evident in their exchanges, I find myself smiling when seeing them, either together or on split-screen (the way they first met).  I just have this happy, and if I can say, this young, girlish feeling when I see them, whether as Aldub (Alden and YayaDub), MaiChard (Maine and Richard) or even as AnselRa (Anselmo and Nidora).

Flashback of the young Nidora and Anselmo

Their accidental love team has been a gold mine for them both, making way for endorsements left and right covering almost every product from head to toe.  You can see them both or individually in several tv commercials, billboards and even on the back of buses.  And every time I see them I cannot help but smile.  they’re not the only ones skipping all the way to the bank though, as we see the producers of the shows they’re on and of the products they endorse receiving the rewards of the loyalty of aldubnation.

But aside from this commercialized aspect of their love team, we see that the two are genuinely good people (and I was about to say kids, because I’m probably old enough to be their mother).  Not only that they, although in the beginning they had thought they did not have enough talent, are blooming right before our eyes as we see them gain confidence in their singing, dancing and acting talents.  And the number of awards they have achieved in such a short time and the rising number of their true fans is evidence of their God-given and newly discovered gifts.  So my admiration of these two keep going, though I hear from people around me that I have become quite an Aldub addict, but I defend it all saying that they give me inspiration.  Inspiration to believe in myself, inspiration to look at life and others and find hope, inspiration that destiny is true, and that true love still exists.


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