Friday, February 5, 2016

Discovering Twitter World

Where did the months go? My last blog was last September and I had promised myself that I would blog more starting this 2016. And it's already February 5! Well I would love to write more but somehow some other priorities have gotten in the way.  I do have one confession to make though... I have been writing ... not on this blog but on another social media platform called... TWITTER.

Gosh, how do I start to explain my newly-found obsession with Twitter world? Well, let me begin by saying that I have become a BIG fan of ALDUB and a proud one at that.  This I will blog another time, but for now I want to focus on my new love for writing or as we say, tweeting on Twitter.  Twitter has been around... for how long now? And when it first became popular, I was too busy and contented with Facebook.  So I told myself, why bother with another form of social media. And besides Twitter limited the users to 140 characters per tweet.  For me to express my sentiments in 140 characters, well I thought it wouldn't work for me since I try to be more specific with my words and feel I have to explain myself in detail as not to bring about confusion.  (I guess that's what blogs are for).

Anyway, I began tweeting to get more in tune with AlDub and the other fans, etc. And I'm proud to say that I was a part of the record-breaking Twitter record set last October 24, 2015 for Tamang Panahon with 41 MILLION tweets.  I started tweeting a few weeks before that time.  Our (my husband was the one who set it up) twitter account was opened in 2009 and I tweeted my first tweet in 2015.  And for the most part I've tweeted, retweeted, liked, replied everyday since then about 99.9% of the time on AlDub.

So what is it about Twitter that I, among countless others around the globe, have found it such a great way to get in tune with others.  And mind you, most of the 128 followers I currently have, I do not know personally.  Well, I do feel that we, the people I follow and the people who follow me, have something in common, in our case, the love of Aldub, and there's a spirit that comes on fire when you see your hashtag on the trending list and that you are part of the reason why it's trending. (That term hashtag, always brings back Perl programming in my mind)

And about the 140 character limit that kept me away from Twitter, well there are ways around it and sometimes 140 characters is all you really need.  And about getting your sentiments confused, well that maybe is the beauty or attractiveness of the 140 char limit of Twitter.  Confusion, reading between the lines, questions, even arguments abound because of a tweet where one means something and is taken in the wrong perspective.  So I've learned to limit my words and condensed my usual wordy-self, which is actually a good practice, one person retweeted me.  Twitter is there for that spur of the moment thought that you must broadcast to the world, or at least those that follow you. While blogging is here for the unli-characters that I can just let myself spill to my heart and fingers' content.

Oh I realize that I've missed blogging... which I will do more of... when I'm not tweeting :)


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