Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Photography: Experimenting with Bokeh

It's been awhile since I've blogged on my photography hobby or to be specific on the Project 365 that I began a couple of months ago, in an attempt to improve my photography skills.  To be honest I'm not sure where I am in the 365 days (or one year) count and to be even more honest I have missed too many days that it may not be worth continuing.  I was in a slump for awhile, but there have been spurts of photographic creativity, with some ideas I've picked up on the internet.  I tried the bokeh method and am proud of some of the photos that came out of my experiments.  Here are just some samples:
I read an article on the internet on creating this effect by using crunched-up aluminum foil in the background and lighting it with an external source like a flashlight.  Then focusing on a subject with the largest aperture as possible.  I love how the bokeh or the blurred effect gives off such a beautiful background.
I've done a similar picture before, actually when I was just beginning with the SLR camera.  I didn't even know about bokeh at the time but the sunlight behind the leaves in the background gave the blurred effect, giving more emphasis to the flower in the foreground.

The beautiful colors created from putting the chandelier out of focus.  The chandeliers when in focus can be viewed above.  Taken at the buffet table of Yakimix.


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