Wednesday, August 12, 2015

National Bookstore Mid-Year Warehouse Sale

It's August still I know but there are people who as early as January already started their Christmas shopping!  The start of September usually brings on the jitters when we realize that it's just under 4 months 'til Christmas day and the shopping begins.  This early on though you can start with big bargains with the National Bookstore Warehouse Sale.  I've been to the past couple of warehouse sales and came out with great bargains especially on gifts, not only for Christmas but for upcoming birthdays.  They have on sale not just books (and expect loads of books on sale), but on office and school supplies, decorations, gift wraps and even Christmas trees.

Expect lines too as you checkout your items.  But the employees are pretty efficient with several cashiers available.  It does help though to have a friend (or in my case, my hubby) along to stand in line while you do more shopping.

The sale starts tomorrow, August 13, and runs 'til August 18 at their warehouse on the 4th floor of their branch at the corner of Quezon Avenue and Sct. Borromeo.  Have fun, don't push or shove, and enjoy the great bargains!


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