Friday, August 7, 2015

Movietime: Minions

A little break from my Photography 365 project blogs. To be honest I'm in a photography/creativity rut, like writer's block, I've found that I haven't taken any shots in the past 3 days.  I've brought the camera with me but haven't bother to take any shots.  I'm hoping to get out of this rut with some creative ideas I've found on the internet.

Part of a collection of Minion-themed artwork outside the cinemas at SM Taytay

Today I'll blog on the movie "Minions".  We watched it about 3 weeks ago when Jojo's niece, Tambo (thanks again :) invited us to watch the movie since she had passes.  Actually the passes were good for any movie in any SM cinema.  We were hoping to get to watch a 3D movie to make the most use of the passes, but unfortunately the schedules for the movies the kids wanted to watch were not in 3D.  We opted to watch Minions which all the kids were looking forward to even if it was in 2D.  The bonding between the kids was more important, it being the first time that Benjo and Joselyn would watch a movie with the Barretto kids.  Jojo, Elsie and I accompanied the 7 kids.

I never got to watch Despicable Me 1 and 2, though I kind of had an idea on the background of these movies, which was good to have in preparing to watch the Minions.  Many sequences of the movie gave us laughs.  Surprisingly, it was Jojo who laughed the loudest, causing Elsie and I to look at each other and grin.  I laughed to myself thinking that Jojo could relate with these bald-headed creatures :)

The kids had many laughs too and were engrossed in the movie (and in the popcorn - "Tita Eileen, may popcorn pa ba?" was a question that I got asked several times during the movie, obviously not being satisfied with what they ate.  I didn't want to buy more knowing that we'll be having dinner afterwards.

Anyway, I would personally rate the movie with a 3 out of 5 stars, for its entertainment value and its educational value.  Thinking of a lesson from this movie is a little difficult, especially with the Minions' goal of searching for an evil leader.  One lesson could be that there is evil and there is evil, some more selfish than others, some more crude than others, but at the end what counts is that you stood by each other.  I enjoyed the flashback into the 60s era that the major segments in the movie were set it.

Though we hardly understood any of the jumble of words that came from the Minions (though some say there are some parts in Filipino), it is funny that we laugh anyway and "understand".  Isn't this the same with the Mr. Bean series and movies?  Mr. Bean just rumbles and mutters a handful of words, and yet we find his antics funny.  A newer version is the Crazy Rabbits on cartoon that the kids sometimes watch on TV.  They are ridiculously crazy and stupid and yet we find ourselves watching the whole show to find out what happens.

So another lesson from the Minions and the past similar popular non-audible characters, is that we don't always need words to understand.  There is a universal language that can be seen in actions.


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