Monday, August 10, 2015

Conradio de Quiros and Raul Roco

There is one writer/columnist that I tried to consistently read in the Inquirer.  I started reading Conrado De Quiros' column during the controversies that cropped up during ex-President Gloria Macapagal's term.  He hit the president with words that were sharp, overly-honest and to some, crude and harsh (my mother was one who disdained his language commenting often "sobra naman!").  And yet there was truth behind his words (well for those who believe his opinions) and many times I find myself laughing and sometimes pursing my lips in shame thinking of the other readers who may be loyal to the subjects of his torment.

He is a brave writer, unmindful of who he hurts along the way, but only mindful of getting the truth out on ink and paper.  When he stopped writing his regular opinions column some time last year, I started to wonder what happened to him.  I did read in a small caption where his column would usually be that he was on medical leave.  I even did a search on the internet to find out some news on him, but couldn't find any, just links to his previous columns.

It was only yesterday that I was enlightened by an article that mentioned him and the launching of his book.

Conrado suffered a stroke last year.  I read the above article, having a greater appreciation of Conrado De Quiros and of the subject of his book, ex-Senator and Presidential candidate in 2004, Raul Roco.  I am proud to say that I voted for Raul Roco in 2004, whom I felt was the best candidate at that time.  I believe many others would've voted for him too if it was not for his declining health.  Why vote for someone who you believe will not survive his term?  I understood that argument, but I was not swayed.  I look forward to reading more of Raul Roco's life in Conrado De Quiros book.  Conrado De Quiros and Raul Roco, two men who I have never met and honestly know little about, but what I do know makes me a fan of both.


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