Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Project 365 - Days 34 and 35

Day 34 (July 12, 2015):  I was planning a trip to Divisoria, but it being a Sunday we made it a family affair. So after Benjo’s 8am service at church, we went to 999.  I would’ve wanted to take pictures of the goods and many items for sale in the many, many stalls in the mall, but for some reason unknown to me, many stores have signs that prohibit taking pictures.  So I left my camera in the car while we went shopping and eating.  I took pictures on the way to Divisoria and on our way home.  The first picture is one I took near the Sto Nino church in Binondo and the one near our street where there are always lines of lechon for sale.

Day 35 (July 13, 2015): I thought many times of picking up the camera this day, but I was so engrossed with other things that when I remembered about my project 365, I was already in bed for the night.  No excuse I know and I hope that I don’t repeat this.  So sorry, no pictures for this day.


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