Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Project 365 - Days 31 to 33

Day 31 (July 9, 2015): My kids are fast growing… the baby, toddler and early childhood years have passed and we’re entering into the pre-teens and puberty years.  I hope that we as parents are supportive enough of them but at the same time try to give them the freedom and privacy that they sometimes ask for.  Joselyn is becoming a “dalaga”, conscious of how she looks, always combing her hair (wanting to make it straight, but I keep assuring her that her curls and waves are beautiful the way they are). Benjo when he isn’t at school or church (for his Knights of the Altar service and meetings) is constantly on the computer, though I want him to get into other hobbies.  He’s more camera-shy than Joselyn, who is always willing to pose for her practicing photographer-mom.

Day 32 (July 10, 2015): I played around with the shutter speed and tried to find out what speed would capture the image on the television.  The first picture had a shutter speed that was too slow (1 sec f/11) while the second picture’s shutter speed was too fast (1/250 sec), catching the changing of the original screen shots. I think I got the right speed with the third picture with 1/13 seconds.

Day 33 (July 11, 2015):  As I mentioned previously, the kids tend to spend a lot of time on the computer and TV.  I wanted them to try other games (the traditional games that my generation used to play before the coming of computer and hand-held games).  So I brought out 3 games including Boggle, Connect 4 (which my brother and I spent many hours playing, trying to outdo one another in our younger years) and another game that Ate Connie sent called Guess Who?.  We played all 3 the previous day, and the two got some laughs while playing Connect 4 and Guess Who? today, which I pictured here.


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