Thursday, July 9, 2015

Project 365 - Days 26 to 29

Day 26 (July 4, 2015):  A cool and rainy day calls for hot noodle soup.  Jojo made some beef mami soup which we had for most of the day - breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Nothing spectacular with this picture, I could’ve done better but it was one of those times when I wanted to use my hands to eat instead :)

Day 27 (July 5, 2015):  Who doesn’t love legos? And this generation has brought it up several levels with the addition of some of these characters.  Joselyn loves playing with these and I thought I’d take a chance to take a shot of a few of the many, many, many pieces of legos that has been created over the ages.

Day 28 (July 6, 2015):  I’ve taken pictures of Joselyn and her dog Crafty in the past. Here’s one of benjo and his dog Mine. With bagyo Egay bringing in rains, they were dismissed from school before lunch thus giving them more time to play.

Day 29 (July 7, 2015):  Merienda time after school.  Joselyn loves these muffins from S & R, on sale when we went there last Sunday.


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