Saturday, July 4, 2015

Project 365 : Day 24

Day 24 (July 2, 2015):  it was angelicum college’s foundation day and the kids had half the day off.  We met with our co-parent friends after dropping the kids off to catch up on things, mostly about our kids but also about our own lives as parents.  I took a picture of our lady of naval after the morning mass.  I think this is the first I’ve taken of our lady with her new backdrop.  I took a couple of shots and this was my first one.  with the second one I changed the lighting source but it came out a little fuzzy. I wish I could’ve taken a clearer shot but I hate to make a lot of noise especially with devotees praying, though it was between masses.  

The second picture is of the drum and lyre band inside the campus giving the foundation day event an atmosphere of festivity.


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