Saturday, July 4, 2015

Project 365 : Day 25 - Only in the Philippines

Day 25 (July 3, 2015):  We were off to the DFA and I took several shots from my passenger seat as the car moved or sometimes stopped or slowed to traffic.  This first shot gave us all a laugh, it was the kids’ first time to see a horse pee and this one did it right before our eyes and it let out a whole gallon or two of it.  I only caught the middle part of it doin’ it and missed the spraying action, but enough said, this was one shot that I couldn’t miss.

The second one was of some street boys playing basketball on a make-shift court alongside manila bay.  this part of the window isn't clear - some melted plastic I think which I first thought was a smudge on the camera lens. Anyway I didn't crop this pic to show that it was taken from the car window.


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