Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Food trip: Jordan's in Kamuning

We had an unplanned foodtrip the other day.  It was one of those days where I had plans to do one thing and then I let myself be swayed and ended up being out for most of the day, but in a good way - spending the day with our school friends.  It started off with some of us meeting at our regular spot, in front of Sto Domingo church.  Having a chat and a quick update and continuing on to Kimpo’s restaurant where we’ve had several breakfast gatherings in the past – we’ve parted ways with Lam Tin, our past go-to place.  I’ll blog on why another time, since the story in itself will take more than a sentence or two.

I’m not going to blog on Kimpo’s, but on another restaurant where we ended up for lunch, Jordan’s in Kamuning.  This was by accident since we had wanted to try out the restaurant featured on Kris TV and when we asked the waiter if it was their restaurant, they said ‘no’ it was Snackaroo on the next street. But he convinced us that their food was better, so we decided to stay.  

Having had a full breakfast, I only wanted to share a meal. We decided to order 3 dishes to share between the 4 of us – their American burger, their specialty java ribs and sinigang sa miso na salmon.  I have to say that nothing really stood out.  At first bite, I loved the juicy burger, but after awhile or was it not evenly seasoned, it tasted too salty.  Their side of crisp potatoes, which were shaped like small balls were crispy on the outside and mashed on the inside.  Different, but I’m not sure if it’s in a good way.  The ribs, well, of the share I got, didn’t have a lot of meat – it was mostly that – ribs. The miso soup was neither sour nor had that miso flavor I expected and was also too salty.  I had one sip of the soup and I commented to my friends that my husband makes better sinigang na miso soup, which is so true.  Jojo commented that it also lacked ginger making the soup ‘malansa’ or too fishy.

Well, it’s a nice place to snack when you’re in the area.  The next time we’re back though we’re going to try that other place down the street.  (Pictures to follow)

Project 365 - Day 39

Day 39 (July 17, 2015): We went to Binangonan on this day to see Jojo’s niece who was here on a short vacation.  She treated us to a movie and dinner – many thanks Tambo. I took pictures of the kids in front of the Minion-themed backdrops outside the theatre.  I had to leave the camera with the security personnel, since video-taking is prohibited.  Taking videos of the movie was far from my mind, but for security’s sake I complied.  A little warning, label your camera and bag.  I have not done so, and the security woman who handed me back my camera and bag reminded me.  She was about to give me a number for claiming the bag but I had already left.  She looked at me long and hard to make sure that I was the owner.

Anyway, no Minion pictures here, but a couple of action shots taken at a practice session some kids were having at the court in the morning.  (A little break from my Macro shots)

Project 365 - Days 36 to 38 (Macro shots)

Day 36 (July 14, 2015):  The past 35 days of this 1 year project has been of random shots, taken at my fancy at whatever subject becomes available.  For the next 35 days or so, I plan on putting more discipline and order in my shots, concentrating on a certain feature of photography.  For the next week or so I decided to concentrate on the macro feature, or in the large aperture shots, looking at objects/subjects up close – and personal.  Some object do look different up close, some more beautiful than others, some just different and not easily recognizable.  This day I took pictures of things I found in the kitchen - the leftover rice and the box of altoids.  The rice with aperture f/5.3 and shutter speed of 1/50 sec. the Altoids with a similar setting – aperture f/5.0 and shutter speed of 1/60 sec.

Day 37 (July 15, 2015): Another day of getting up close with these impersonal items - the newspaper and the front of the Toyota revo.  I especially like how the picture of the front of the Toyota turned out, this was the first of two shots – I have noticed that some of my first shots are better than succeeding shots, not sure about the logic of this, though I’ve learned that with live subjects succeeding shots turn out better.  The Toyota shot; aperture 1/5.6 and shutter speed 1/160 sec. the newspaper, aperture 1/5.6 and shutter speed 1/100 sec, focal length 55mm on both.

Day 38 (July 16, 2015):  It rained this afternoon and I tried to take some macro shots of the after effects of the rain.  Taking a shot of Crafty up close was a little accident, I was trying to take a shot of her fur, but ahe got up and looked at me and I took a shot before getting up at a safer distance.  I did get a shot of her fur but this one was a better shot.

I wondered why at times when trying to increase the aperture, I could get the number down to around 4, but at times would be limited to 5.6.  I figured out that lowering the focal length allows the aperture to increase.  The shot of the raindrops on the leaves gave me an aperture of f/4.2 with a focal length of 26mm.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Project 365 - Days 34 and 35

Day 34 (July 12, 2015):  I was planning a trip to Divisoria, but it being a Sunday we made it a family affair. So after Benjo’s 8am service at church, we went to 999.  I would’ve wanted to take pictures of the goods and many items for sale in the many, many stalls in the mall, but for some reason unknown to me, many stores have signs that prohibit taking pictures.  So I left my camera in the car while we went shopping and eating.  I took pictures on the way to Divisoria and on our way home.  The first picture is one I took near the Sto Nino church in Binondo and the one near our street where there are always lines of lechon for sale.

Day 35 (July 13, 2015): I thought many times of picking up the camera this day, but I was so engrossed with other things that when I remembered about my project 365, I was already in bed for the night.  No excuse I know and I hope that I don’t repeat this.  So sorry, no pictures for this day.

Project 365 - Days 31 to 33

Day 31 (July 9, 2015): My kids are fast growing… the baby, toddler and early childhood years have passed and we’re entering into the pre-teens and puberty years.  I hope that we as parents are supportive enough of them but at the same time try to give them the freedom and privacy that they sometimes ask for.  Joselyn is becoming a “dalaga”, conscious of how she looks, always combing her hair (wanting to make it straight, but I keep assuring her that her curls and waves are beautiful the way they are). Benjo when he isn’t at school or church (for his Knights of the Altar service and meetings) is constantly on the computer, though I want him to get into other hobbies.  He’s more camera-shy than Joselyn, who is always willing to pose for her practicing photographer-mom.

Day 32 (July 10, 2015): I played around with the shutter speed and tried to find out what speed would capture the image on the television.  The first picture had a shutter speed that was too slow (1 sec f/11) while the second picture’s shutter speed was too fast (1/250 sec), catching the changing of the original screen shots. I think I got the right speed with the third picture with 1/13 seconds.

Day 33 (July 11, 2015):  As I mentioned previously, the kids tend to spend a lot of time on the computer and TV.  I wanted them to try other games (the traditional games that my generation used to play before the coming of computer and hand-held games).  So I brought out 3 games including Boggle, Connect 4 (which my brother and I spent many hours playing, trying to outdo one another in our younger years) and another game that Ate Connie sent called Guess Who?.  We played all 3 the previous day, and the two got some laughs while playing Connect 4 and Guess Who? today, which I pictured here.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Project 365 - Day 30 - Flooding in the Metro

Day 30 (July 8, 2015):  egay is leaving but bagyo falcon is on its way.  The habagat rains have caused flooding in many areas around Luzon and the metro.  On our way to sm, there were streets flooded but fortunately not too deep that we were able to pass without any problems.  can't say the same for some motorists and pedestrians.  keep safe out there kababayans.

Project 365 - Days 26 to 29

Day 26 (July 4, 2015):  A cool and rainy day calls for hot noodle soup.  Jojo made some beef mami soup which we had for most of the day - breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Nothing spectacular with this picture, I could’ve done better but it was one of those times when I wanted to use my hands to eat instead :)

Day 27 (July 5, 2015):  Who doesn’t love legos? And this generation has brought it up several levels with the addition of some of these characters.  Joselyn loves playing with these and I thought I’d take a chance to take a shot of a few of the many, many, many pieces of legos that has been created over the ages.

Day 28 (July 6, 2015):  I’ve taken pictures of Joselyn and her dog Crafty in the past. Here’s one of benjo and his dog Mine. With bagyo Egay bringing in rains, they were dismissed from school before lunch thus giving them more time to play.

Day 29 (July 7, 2015):  Merienda time after school.  Joselyn loves these muffins from S & R, on sale when we went there last Sunday.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Project 365 : Day 25 - Only in the Philippines

Day 25 (July 3, 2015):  We were off to the DFA and I took several shots from my passenger seat as the car moved or sometimes stopped or slowed to traffic.  This first shot gave us all a laugh, it was the kids’ first time to see a horse pee and this one did it right before our eyes and it let out a whole gallon or two of it.  I only caught the middle part of it doin’ it and missed the spraying action, but enough said, this was one shot that I couldn’t miss.

The second one was of some street boys playing basketball on a make-shift court alongside manila bay.  this part of the window isn't clear - some melted plastic I think which I first thought was a smudge on the camera lens. Anyway I didn't crop this pic to show that it was taken from the car window.

Project 365 - Days 20 to 23

Day 20 (June 28, 2015): Shower time for the pups. This is Mine – the other one is Crafty, named after our Minecraft addicts.  Not sure if he’s enjoying his bathtime or not but he doesn’t have much of a choice.  Shutter speed is 1/160 sec and aperture is f/5.6.  I wanted to catch a picture of him shaking the water off his fur, but he doesn’t do that and I wasn’t about to wait around for him to go after me.

Day 21 (June 29, 2015): I wanted to take a picture of a butterfly, which I’ve seen roaming in our garden. But unfortunately, the only thing flying around when I was out was this fly.  Not as beautiful as a butterfly, actually not beautiful at all, but it behaved itself long enough for me to take some decent shots.  Shutter speed 1/80 sec and aperture f/5.6.

Day 22 (June 30, 2015): The swaying curtains caught my eye as I searched for a subject to capture.  I love how the light shone through the sheer fabric.

Day 23 (July 1, 2015):  The butterfly that I’ve seen in our garden made a visit again.  I quickly got my camera and tried to spot it, but it only gave me a quick glimpse before it flew off.  Obviously by this shot I wasn’t ready, didn’t have the right settings or composition.  Well there will be other times and I hope then I’ll be able to take a better shot.

Project 365 - Days 18 and 19

Day 18 (June 26, 2015): early rains did not get me down. It was what I was looking for, strong rains to capture on camera. This first picture shows the rains as it poured on our garage pavement.  I took several of these shots at different shutter speeds, this one I thought was the better one at speed 1/320 sec and aperture f/7.1.  

the second of the effects of the rains on the leaves hanging from near the garage – since I didn’t want to get wet – you can see slightly the rains in the background. Same settings as with the first picture.

Day 19 (June 27, 2015): I took different pictures of different subjects this day, some outdoor shots and some indoors. Thought I’d post this one of my daughter’s dollhouse which she’s been busy with in the past few days.  She loves this dollhouse which her tita connie bought and shipped for her as a Christmas gift.  Some of the miniature toys are really cute, she’s added some toys from her other sets like the pets in the first picture. I’m happy that she’s still not yet old enough to stop playing with these toys.

Project 365 : Day 24

Day 24 (July 2, 2015):  it was angelicum college’s foundation day and the kids had half the day off.  We met with our co-parent friends after dropping the kids off to catch up on things, mostly about our kids but also about our own lives as parents.  I took a picture of our lady of naval after the morning mass.  I think this is the first I’ve taken of our lady with her new backdrop.  I took a couple of shots and this was my first one.  with the second one I changed the lighting source but it came out a little fuzzy. I wish I could’ve taken a clearer shot but I hate to make a lot of noise especially with devotees praying, though it was between masses.  

The second picture is of the drum and lyre band inside the campus giving the foundation day event an atmosphere of festivity.