Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Project 365 - Photography one day at a time (Days 1 to 4)

“Project 365”. This was a subject in my inbox on one of the photography tips websites that I subscribe to.  When I opened the email I read that it was about one woman’s goal of improving her photography skills by picking up the camera and taking shots (on manual mode) with her Dslr every day for one year.  She saw the improvement and came up with professional looking photographs.  Though the email had a link to her project which gave the reader a chance to purchase online, I thought I’d do the same thing without the guide but to just take it one day at a time…

Day 1 (June 9, 2015):  I read the article after taking this first shot, but thought I’d start with this day since we went on a swimming outing with our school friends which gave me a great opportunity to experiment with the camera.  I took what I thought were pretty good shots, some action shots of the kids in the pool and others of the surroundings, like this fountain where I played around with the shutter speed.  The first picture shows a shutter speed of 1/30sec and the second at a faster shutter speed of 1/160sec.

Day 2 (June 10, 2015) It was a little late in the day when I remembered about “Project 365” and I looked around the house for a “willing subject” for my project.  I set the flowers given by our dentist-friend the day before (as a belated mother’s day gift). My little photo-bomber gave me the contrast in clarity with the high aperture (f5.6) setting. I am challenged with indoor photography, wanting to use natural light, but knowing that the shots come out too dark without flash.

Day 3 (June 11,2015): Got a lot of opportunities during this day to practice my photography. We went to the post office main building in Manila and then had an early lunch in Chinatown.  I see a lot of scenes while in the car but it is tricky trying to capture good shots in a moving vehicle. The first picture is of the flags being blown by the wind in front of the post office. Smaller aperture to capture landscapes is something I’ve learned from reading photography tips online. The second picture if of a fruit vendor along Ongpin St. in Binondo, taken from the car.

Day 4: We went to Binangonan to visit a sick relative and on our way home I took pictures of scenes as we passed by.  Again, the problem of getting the timing and lighting right.  I sure want to take a picture of a beautiful sunset one of these days, on steady ground maybe with the help of my tripod.  I didn’t get to take any outstanding pictures of the setting sun on our way home, but I did get to take some fair shots of “strees scenes”.  Common sights in the Philippines, small businesses selling their products, made for a good subject for this practicing photographer.


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