Saturday, June 20, 2015

Project 365 - Days 5 to 8

Day 5 (June 13, 2015): An uneventful day, busy with preparations for the kids’ first day of school.  I did manage to pick up the camera near the end of the day.  Just took pictures of the ordinary – the ceiling fan and the bundle of hangers.

The ceiling fan taken with minimal lighting. Speed 1/60 and f/6.3

Used flash this time with the same speed and aperture as above

Day 6 (June 14, 2015): It was another busy day for me as I put plastic on the kids’ LAS (learner’s activity sheets) among other preparations.  So I made that my subject, compensating for the low lighting with high aperture and slow speed.

All ready and covered with plastic

Day 7 (June 15, 2015): First day of school for the kids, so what better subject than my kids before they left for school. Glad we got some time to do this amidst the morning rush.  Managed to catch some good shots between their kulitans.

Just before leaving for their first day of school amidst the morning rush, we were able to sneak in a pictorial

My little man with his "binata" pose

Day 8 (June 16, 2015): Second day of school. Again the kids were my subjects. Though the sun is already up when they’re getting ready to get out of the house, it’s still dark in the house with the curtains in the south side of the house still drawn.  I used flash but looks like not enough of it.  Having a flash control on the camera helps. The problem I have most of the time is that the picture looks light enough on the camera’s LCD but when I download them they look dark.

The reason for the poses: their new PE uniforms look like the ones that kindergarten kids use. So I kidded them that they were demoted back to Kinder


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