Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Project 365 - Days 14 and 15

Day 14 (June 22, 2015): A busy Monday. I almost forget to pick up the camera this day.  After our daily rosary, I asked that the candle be not blown so I could take some pictures.  I wanted to catch the dancing flame, decreasing the speed but realizing that this blurs the light coming from the wick.  Increasing the speed decreased the lighting and increased the sharpness of the flame.  Here I used aperture f/14 and exposure speed of 1.6 sec, capturing enough sharpness and the shadow of the Sto Nino, which was my main focus.

Day 15 (June 23, 2015): A lot of my past shots have been indoors with low lighting. Today I picked up my camera at midday out in our garden to capture something in the natural light of the sun.  I took shots of the camias plant with its leaves making a beautiful pattern.  Here are two angles of the same plant.


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