Monday, June 22, 2015

Project 365 - Days 12 and 13

Day 12 (June 20, 2015): A busy Saturday, I got to pick up the camera in the evening a few minutes before bed time.  The kids in their relax-mode were my subjects, Joselyn in front of the PC and Benjo showing his flex.

Day 13 (June 21, 2015): Happy Father’s day to all dads, grand-dads and even titos (uncles) and ninongs (godfathers) and let me not forget our spiritual fathers, our priests and all members of the clergy.  We had an early lunch at Aristocrat in Banawe.  It wasn’t our first choice of restaurants as Tramway was fully-booked with those who made early reservations.  Anyway, we had a satisfying meal just the same.  Later in the evening we will be going to Joselyn’s classmate’s birthday celebration at Jollibee and I’ll be bringing my camera along and hopefully take some noteworthy shots…

Jojo and Joselyn with the Iced Tea backdrop, waiting for our meal

So we went to the birthday party and I didn’t realize from the invitation that there were two celebrants, Joselyn’s classmate and her 1 year-old brother.  The choice of having a party at Jollibee was made clearer, her brother was so excited when the mascots, the big bee himself Jollibee with his pal Hetty made their presence.  I wanted to capture the toddler’s excitement and tried to take some pictures of him as he watched the two mascots dance.  This is the best that I got.  

Wish I could’ve captured more of his expression, but being a little shy to get in a closer and better position (I am by the way just the mother of one of the celebrant’s classmate and not the official photographer), I did the best I could.  He was such a good and photogenic kid, and not scared at all with the mascots, unlike some children his age.  Anyway, here is a picture of baby Fahad as he tries to reach for his idol, Jollibee, dancing in front of him.  Aperture f/5.6; shutter speed 1/80 sec. ISO 200.

The hosts of the party also had a photobooth which used what looked like the same camera and lens as mine.  I looked at his setup which seemed simple enough and I thought (again) that maybe this is something that I can do.  So this is another project that I hope will come to fruition.  We’ll see…


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