Wednesday, February 4, 2015

S & R Shopping Experience

S &R.  I heard it mentioned several times by relatives and friends, but I didn’t take much notice.  Buying imported foods was the catch, but I thought to myself, Mom regularly sends imported foods by balikbayan box and our cabinet was still full of them.  But one day upon a whim, our school friends (our co-parents at school) went to S &R and inquired about membership.  We (Jojo & I) and Dra Jannie ended up applying for a membership and so we all started to shop inside the huge, warehouse-like building.

Items were priced in both US$ and PhpPeso donations.  Many items that I saw reminded me of the brand items in the US.  And it brought me back to the times when we shopped at Costco, another membership warehouse shopping company in the US and in other places around the world.  Items are usually sold in bulk and comparatively priced lower than other grocery stores. Others though were priced the same.  The catch, like I said, is that they sold mostly US-made products, although there were products from other countries too.

It was the pre-Christmas season when we first went and so the place was quite crowded.  Quite familiar was the “patikims” or the “free-taste” tables in different parts of the store.  Not the same was the size of the “patikims”.  I remember that in Costco, the slices were larger, but here understandably with the number of customers, the free-tastes were sized smaller.
Part of the menu selection at the food service section at S & R.
Prices are more expensive than what we're used to but the serving sizes make it all worthwhile

After doing our shopping, we turned to the food section and I was so happy to see familiar foods that Costco also served.  And to add, the serve-yourself condiment section for the ketchup, pickles, etc.  A taste of the hotdog, though I’ve had good hotdog here before, brought me back again to Costco in the US.  Since then, we’ve gone back a number of times, trying the chowder, burger, rolls and pizzas.  The burger, which is double the price that you would usually get from Jollibee or McDonald’s, is absolutely worth it as you can taste the 100% beef.  Plus it’s difficult to finish in one sitting and we end up taking half of it home.

Although there are many items I want to pick up when I go to S &R, I don’t earn dollars anymore and am aware that the prices would be much lower when on sale in the US.  We pick up sale items, which unfortunately, are the items whose expiration is either a few days or 1 or 2 weeks away.  But still worth the price, we have made great bargains with their imported milk, whose original price is P250+ and sale price at a mere P50.  Likewise with jams, salad dressing and ham at 50% off or buy 1 take 1 deal.  We’ve ran out of milk and we’ll be going back there this week to check on the sale of their milk.  I plan to make some cookies this weekend and it will be timely.

The kids have a new favorite in S & R.  Joselyn loves their cheese pizzas, Benjo their garlic and shrimp pizza and chowder.  Since shopping at S &R, I’ve appreciated more the items that mom buys and give us from the US.  Of course, she buys it there at sale prices, while most are at regularly priced at S & R.  So for those who have the chance or is part of a company that provides membership extensions (cheaper annual fees), I suggest you take advantage of this shopping experience. 


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