Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Gift Idea - Personalized Pendant

23 days to go 'til Christmas.  And Christmas shopping and rush has gone full swing. Traffic in the Metro Manila area is at its highest.  Saturday night was a nightmare on the road. Good thing that we left 5 hours before my Mom's flight was scheduled to depart.  It took us about 2 hours to get from our home to NAIA 2.  It could get worse, so for all those travelling during this season, make sure to plan ahead and make an early start.

If you're still thinking of what to give your loved ones this Christmas, here's another gift idea.  A personalized dog tag.
Sampled this one for Joselyn. She loved it.
This is Dra Jannie and my start-up business venture.  We've already got some orders in which we'll showcase on our facebook page.  Like us on facebook:  JanniEileen Fashion and Accessories.  We thought about this several months ago, but we had a hard time getting the tools to hand engrave the pendants.  I found them on ebay but the buyer was in the US.  Good thing that Mom was scheduled to have her vacation last month.  They were quite heavy and would've cost a fortune for postage here to the Philippines.  Anyway, if you or anyone you know is interested in this personalized item for Christmas, please visit our site or email me here on this blog.  Happy shopping and happy advent season!


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