Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"Please" and "Thank you"

“Please” and “Thank you” are golden words that was taught to us by our parents and in turn we try to teach our own children to say.  We are given something on our birthday or Christmas, we say “thank you” to the giver.  We need to ask someone for something beyond our reach, we say “please can you pass…” 

“Thank you”, “Thanks”, “TY”, “Salamat” are simple words and so easy to say and brings music to the ears.  “Please”, “paki ___” likewise connotes manner in the sense that when you’re asking someone a favor, it is not an order but a “pakiusap” (I’m lost for a translation on this one)

Anyway, this is how I was brought up and something that I try not to omit - saying “thank you” either by text, card, phone call or the like.  But there are some people who maybe were not taught this basic manner or else never got used to saying it.  And to one that expects a “thank you” the omission is so silently noisy that it really leaves a hollow feeling.

Someone stayed with us for nearly 11 months because she is a relative and we wanted to help out while she settled in her new job.  She moved out just the other day.  The move wasn’t sudden since I already spoke to her about her future plans and she mentioned about looking for a place.  So she came one day on her day off, packed her things, left a lot of things (for us to take when we go to the province) and left, saying “bye”.  No “thank you”, “thanks’, “ty” or “salamat”.  I should be used to it, since I know that it’s not in her nature to say the words.  But still, I expected she may say it on this one occasion, because in my mind she had a lot to be thankful for.  Pero wala, “nganga”, “nada”, just a “bye”.

I’ve been busy since she left by the way, cleaning up the room that wasn’t cleaned since she stayed.  Ay!  Sorry to complain, but allow me this one please.  Thank you.


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