Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pictures from La Naval Procession

Here are some of the shots that I took during the Our Lady of La Naval Procession last Sunday.  The viewer is welcome to download the pictures when needed, but I would appreciate a link back to my blog if used on another website.

St Dominic.  I like that the shot was taken with the tree in the background.
And that his face was clear as can be seen when downloading the original size.
St. Thomas Khong
The cloudy skies in the background added drama to this shot.
Glad we got to position ourselves in front of a house that had a clear background,
with no power lines or any other obstructions.
St. Joseph
It was totally dark when St Joseph, husband of Mother Mary past us.
The artificial lights around the statue helped to illuminate his features especially his face

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, La Naval
I should have changed the camera's settings at this point to lesson the glow on her face.
But as such her face was too white and could not see the details
More close up view of the above picture
I do need more practice at taking pictures especially during low-light situations, either indoors or in the evenings.  I have read several articles on this which I have tried to follow, increasing the ISO, but only up to 200, going up to 400 does increase the noise and the picture becomes grainy.  Decreasing the shutter speed and increasing the F number, but taking the shots with a steady hand also increased the lighting effect.  I didn't use the flash in any of my shots, conscious that it would disturb the procession goers.

I took the pictures first using the Raw + Jpeg format so I could do post processing on the camera. This does take more time and I have to decrease the size of the file before uploading to facebook. The late afternoon was cloudy, with the heavy rains subsiding thankfully for the procession and all those who took part.  This decreased the light, but I was fortunate to be situated in a position where the backdrop had some light, which added drama to the shots.


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