Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Loomband Fad

There are fads and there are fads.  Many come and many go, some come back and others are just for show.  (Ay, it rhymes oh!)  I try not to get attached to them, stay away from them if I can.  I know that they’re a fleeting fancy.  Some fashion trend that becomes popular for awhile and then goes out the door never to be remembered again.  Let me cut to the chase… I’m talking about the fashion fad of loombands that I believe started in the US and made its way here in the Philippines and became such a hit with everyone.

Some of my finished products, some of these were given away as gifts
Loombands are small sized rubber bands that you weave into bracelets and other items like small animal figures that can be attached to keychains.  It was such a hit just a few months back, especially during the summer months.  I don’t remember where I first heard of them but I didn’t take any notice.  It’s just a fad I thought to myself plus it’s made of rubber, how long can that last?  But one time when in my husband’s hometown, his niece bought a pack and I watched as she made her first bracelet in a few minutes.  Being a hobbyist and one who likes to make things with my hand, I tried it out.  And that started my own interest in the fad.

Several bags of loombands sold per 5 grams in Divisoria
I began by looking for them at Divisoria, different packs with different colors, some even scented.  Benjo and Joselyn got into it too.  I got challenged and looked up tutorials on youtube on making the more complicated styles.  We finished up our supply pretty fast, with Joselyn even selling some of the finished bracelets to her classmates, an addition to her baon (or lunch money).  The next time I went back to Divisoria, they were selling the loombands by the gram, much cheaper and so I continued to make them, some per requests from those who saw our post on facebook.

A gift to Jojo's cousin, who saw our post on facebook.
 I learned how to make letters and made this one for her.
Fast forward 2 months later, I still see the loombands in Divisoria, but hardly anyone is taking any notice.  I hardly see anyone wearing them either, when a few months ago almost everyone I saw was wearing a loomband or two or more.  So it was a fad that came, became very popular, and went just as fast.  It may come back who knows.  But now I have some finished products and loose loombands that weren’t used up.  Like any other fads, the interest seems to fade when its popularity does.  I don’t regret “riding on the bandwagon”, it’s the experience that counts. Plus I hope that we made our friends/family happy when we gifted them with these loombands.


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