Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas - Home-made Treats

Last year I joined in the bazaar held by our parish church of National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes (NSOLL).  I sold my best-selling oatmeal cookies and truffles.  To be honest I only made even with the two Sundays that I joined but it was a good experience and I got to talk and meet to some interesting people, vendors and buyers alike.  And I’m glad that more people got to taste my products.

If you’re thinking of a gift idea for Christmas, boxed goodies filled with cake, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, chocolates or any home-made baked products  are always a good choice.  If you know the home baker personally you can always request for a customized product.  For example, some of my friends have requested oatmeal cookies with or without raisins.  For those you may know who have special dietary needs, requests for sugar-free products are always an option.  I’m always open to suggestions from my customers and am willing to give in to their request as long as it meets a minimum order.

Another example is when my husband’s niece gave away my chocolate truffles to her officemates as a Christmas gift last year.  Since there were about 12 of them, she requested that I put them in smaller boxes with 4 truffles each (instead of the usual box or 10 or 12 that I usually make) to accommodate her budget.

Some things to remember though when giving and receiving home-made baked products:
  1. Order your products early enough to avoid the Christmas rush.  Tell your supplier when you need the product so they’ll know to bake it a day beforehand or on the day itself. Freshly baked products are always best.
  2. Most home-made products do not use preservatives and has an expiration of 5 days from the day it was baked.  So it’s best to pick up your products and deliver it to the person you’re giving it to as a gift as early within this 5 day frame as possible.
  3. Tell the person you are giving the baked gift to that it’s perishable food that is inside the box and must be eaten before a certain date.  Some boxes or packages are not that obvious.  It would be such a waste for the recipient to open the gift a week after you’ve given it and find the spoiled goods.


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