Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Christmas Gift Idea - 100% Cotton Handkerchiefs

Christmas is 78 days away which is still over 2 months and a half away.  But for those with long Christmas lists, you may want to start early.  I know of people who started the day after Christmas!  I’m not one of those.  

Some people who have been continually been on my Christmas list are some of the parents of my kids’ classmates, whom we’ve become close with.  We usually do some sort of Christmas exchange during the kids’ Christmas party giving gifts to each other and the kids.  It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive, but hopefully what we give comes to good use and is well appreciated.  I’m one who tries to find gifts that are both useful and/or personalized.  My gifts for the women in our group last year were these handkerchiefs.  If you’ve lived in the Philippines, you know that one thing that you can’t leave behind when going out is your handkerchief, which is used for hygienic purposes, as well as wiping sweat and covering your nose from the pollution.

For the past years I bought these from a store in Divisoria that sells other cotton-made materials like sandos and tshirts.  I think last year I bought the Armando Caruso brand of handkerchiefs for P65 each.  They are more expensive than the other brands, the cheaper ones selling for P10 each, but has better quality and is said to be 100% cotton.  I was surprised when we were at SM last weekend to find them at cheaper prices (some P59.99, some P49.99 depending on the size) with an additional 10% off.  I took the opportunity to get some for our said friends, who have mentioned that they loved using this type of handkerchief.  

So just when I thought that Divisoria carried the cheapest prices, I find out that it’s sometimes cheaper at the malls.  I usually buy something extra to go with the handkerchief like some fancy jewelry or trinket.  I wish now that I had gotten more handkerchiefs for other people on my list.


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