Friday, September 19, 2014

Typhoon Mario

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There are parts of our house that is leaking, an old illness that we’ve tried to repair countless times, but always comes back especially during heavy rainfall.  Like today, with typhoon Mario, I see the drops falling from behind the computer table, a mop on hand to dry the floor.

But this doesn’t compare to the problems of our other kababayans.   I woke up at 2:30am to hear the heavy downpour, groggily looking out our window and wondering how long it would last.  It only lasted a few minutes, but it was strong downpour and I was sure it must have caused floods.

We woke up to get ready for the kid’s school.  The kids first went downstairs at around 5:15am and happily went upstairs again to announce that there was no school.  Quezon City had announced suspension of classes from pre-school to high school.  They were too excited to go back to sleep. Other cities and provinces were likewise announcing suspension of classes.

Later in the hour, Malacanang announced that all levels were suspended in all of Metro Manila.  As I write, the rains are still pouring and the street in front of us is still passable.  But my husband who earlier went out to buy bread and corned beef for breakfast said that some surrounding streets were already flooded.

Jojo’s niece went to work despite the downpour.  She works in Manila and is sure to pass through flooded streets.  I offered her my rubber boots as she was going to go out in tsinelas, but she declined.  Hope she gets to work safely.  Hope everyone keeps safe.  God bless our country and countrymen.

Important sites for more updates on the current weather conditions:
Evacuation and Emergency hotlines:
Most churches and public schools are turned into evacuation centers during emergency situations.  For hard-hit areas, go to your nearest church, school, or barangay center for relief.


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