Friday, September 26, 2014


"Taho!!!", the street vendor or the "magtataho" shouts out each morning waiting for customers to shout back "taho" to signal that you want to buy the sweet snack.  We have a "suki" or a constant vendor whom we buy from and whom we've been buying 4-6 cups from each day.  Joselyn loves this treat and eats 2-3 cups when she gets home from school.  Each cup currently costs 5 pesos.  You can also request from the vendor additional syrup, with or without the sago pearls depending on your taste.
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There was a similar treat when I was living in the US that I bought at the Chinese or Vietnamese groceries.  These were the soft tofu which would have flavors such as the syrup that we're used to here in the Philippines or some with an almond flavor.

So what is actually in this snack and is it good for us?  Taho or tofu is rich in protein and can be a substitute for milk and other meat products for vegetarians.  The brown color comes from the brown syrup made from brown sugar and water.  The tapioca pearls or sago as they're more commonly known here in the Philippines, gives this dish, which is treated as a snack or dessert, texture, a round jelly-like addition one can chew on.

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So the next time you hear "Taho!!!", shout back "Taho!" and try this sweet Filipino treat.  Some advise: It's good to have a "suki" as I mentioned earlier, as there are TV reports of unsafe and unclean practices of some of the taho makers/vendors.  It's best too to buy it in the morning as you know it's freshly made.


Anonymous said...

Taho is a personal favorite. Available in the malls nowadays, but we still prefer buying it from wandering sells. Not only for good old times' sake. To support those struggling individuals. Pete

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