Thursday, September 25, 2014

Roasting Lechon in Australia

Today is Throwback Thursday or commonly known as TBT - a time to post and remember pictures and memories of old.  Here is an old picture of our backyard in Australia when we lived there in the mid 70s to early 80s.  This picture is circa mid 70’s.  That’s my dad poking at the big lechon on some occasion.  That’s Tito Pat next to him.  This was just one of so many parties that we had in our house, mostly with mom’s co-workers from the Embassy.  I do remember us cooking lechon on more than one occasion.

This picture tells me though that Filipinos no matter where they are in the world continue with Filipino traditions and cultures.  This would be a typical scene here in the Philippines especially in the provinces during weddings or birthdays.  Of course nowadays, people would just buy lechon from the nearest lechonan instead of trying to roast one.  Living in the Lechon Capital of the Philippines here in Laloma, there are plenty of stores to choose from; Ping Ping’s and Mila’s are some of the more popular ones, but there are other less known lechon stores.

I’m not sure if this other picture of my brother and my aunt, Nanay Vicky, is on the same occasion.  It looks like my brother’s birthday with the table filled with all our traditional food.  I can recognize rice, pancit, lumpia and of course the freshly roasted lechon with that identifiable apple in its mouth - a delectable meal ready to be feasted on.


Anonymous said...

Curious here, Eileen or whoever. What makes litsong Cebu different? Cebu folks brag about it. Is it the use of lemongrass or tanglad? Where ba in Manila is it sold?

Here in the Seattle area, as you recall, lechon is usually the pig roasted whole inside the store oven. Sa Golden Daisy, say "litson" so they'll cook same sans spices. But the skin, however crunchy, is bubbly. Not shiny, smooth, even satiny. The body is cut all the way down the belly and laid flat. Sa California, two thumbs-up daw kasi talagang niluluto outdoors.

Lately, though, may mga places like Fil-Am Mart and Foulee that offer better-quality lechons. Around $180 for a medium-size hog. The mother of a BLDer who owned a lechon business sa Manila noon makes quality sarsa. Otherwise, bottled Mang Tomas is plentiful.


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