Friday, September 12, 2014

Memories of 9/11

September 11, 2001.  13 years ago from this day (Around 9am Eastern standard time, 6am Pacific standard time).  I was in Seattle, Washington during that time, woken up earlier than usual by my dad who was staying with me.  My dad, who was diagnosed with PSP (Progressive supranuclear palsy) had tried to get up and move from his bedside pan/chair to his bed and he fell on the floor in between.  He had gained more weight during his illness being dependent on his wheelchair for most of his movement.  My 95lb frame could not with all the strength I could muster get him off the floor.  I had tried several minutes to my dismay and my dad's.  It was too early, I think around 5:30am, and I did not want to wake my brother who lived in another house several streets from where we lived.  I decided instead to call my then boyfriend, now husband, Jojo who lived a little further from us.  He willingly came and helped my father off the floor and back into bed.

In a few minutes I was to get ready for work and Jojo stayed to drive me.  We turned on the TV and watched the unfolding news, smoke belching from one of the towers of the World Trade Center, an airplane had crashed into the building the news reported.  No words escaped between us as we continued to watch, such a tragedy, how many people were there, how could this have happened? were questions that ran through my mind as with many others.  And then as we continued to watch, a second plane came crashing through the second tower.  It still sends chills in my body and my eyes are now welling up in tears.  No words but now some of the answers were there.  This is no accident, it is intentional.  A terrorist attack.  We were miles away, but as we saw the images unfolding before our eyes, we felt the emotions that many who witnessed this catastrophe did.

We had tickets to the SFC Conference to be held in New Jersey in two weeks.  New Jersey is right next to New York and we were planning to take a road trip around the area and the neighboring cities.  It would be our last trip in the US since we were already planning to fly back to the Philippines the following year.  After the 9/11 tragedy, we still continued with planning our trip despite my mom's objections about the safety of travel especially in that area.  But I was stubborn and being on an emotional charismatic high, I was sure that God would protect us.  Unfortunately due to the events of 9/11, the conference was cancelled.

After watching last night's documentary on the 9/11 tragedy, the feeling still lingers.  That hollow feeling inside when you see the video of the plane crashing into the towers.  Senseless, useless, cowardice.  Many lives were lost during that fateful day, lives of people who just came to work, firefighters and other rescuers who climbed the stairs looking for people to save, passengers of the airplanes.  We remember them today. For the lives that were lost and for the lives they have touched. We remember too that our world is still not safe, that there are still minds who organize themselves to do evil.  But we still must remember and never forget the heroism of those who saved lives still outweighs the ones who tried to destroy it.


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