Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Leveling Up - New Trifocal Eyeglasses

These are my new glasses.  It was a needed change, having my old pair for at least 4 years.  I don’t believe in buying new pairs just for the sake of fashion, though the old ones with their blue/silver frame were getting to be on the boring side.  The reason for the new pair is my recent need for bifocals.  I’m not sure when I first noticed that I had trouble reading small print up close or when I found it difficult to thread a needle.  I had never had this problem.  But it’s one of those inevitable circumstances that come with aging.  I could still read the menu in the restaurants we went to, unlike some of my co-parents who needed to take out their reading glasses.

So now I enter a new era of bifocals, or as the optometrist explained, trifocals, since I purchased the progressive lens which did not have that distinctive line in the middle that bifocals had.  These had another middle focal point when using the computer.  I’m still trying to get used to these.  I was told by the optometrist that it may take two weeks to adjust to the new lens and I may feel some dizziness during this period.  I did feel dizzy when I first used them and went out from the shop into the mall and after a few minutes went back to wearing my old pair.  I also felt the same dizziness in church last Sunday.  I think it’s the big places that I have to get used to.  I wear it most often in the house and I don’t get the same dizzying effect.

The brief explanation I got was that it has 3 focal areas, the one on top for viewing far away (for my near-sightedness), the one in the middle for using the computer and the one at the bottom for reading (far-sightedness).  If I were to view sideways, I would need to turn my head and not just my eyes.  Turning just my eyes would give me blurred vision.

On my previous visit when Dr Belle from Ideal Vision tested my eyesight, she said that as I grow older my near-sightedness would decrease but my far-sightedness would increase.  Thus needing to change my prescription every once in a while, another thing to look forward to in my 40s and above stage.  

(Thank you, by the way to Dr Belle for the discount she gave us.  The frame were discounted and she gave us another discount for "knowing" their technician.  Actually I owe this to my husband's PR, he's always greeting and talking to people as if they've known each other for ages.  And this goes too for Ideal Vision's technician who contantly adjusts Benjo's frame.  Dr Belle must've thought we were close with their technician, by the way Jojo talked to him, thus giving us their employee discount.)

There are things that we can control like the food we eat, exercising and other health habits to help our overall well-being.  But there are things like our eye sight that is not within our control and we just have to be thankful for that instrument on top of our nose that helps us see better. 


Anonymous said...

Yours truly realized the need for eyeglasses about, oh, twenty years ago. That was when renewing the driver's license. Flunked it when the examiner shook her head and sadly mentioned the need. Her lips were pursed, too. Thought they resembled a tropical fish's mom used to buy in our hometown's public market for frying.

Funny, too, when first meeting the eye-clinic staff. The employee asked what kind of glasses. "Would you like one, Peter, that projects power?" Still grinnng about it. Who cares, thought this patient. As long as it works.


Anyway, just corrective lenses for driving. If the route is familiar, no need although legally required. But the pair is right there to the right within easy reach. For reading or as these words spill from the fingers, naked eyes.

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