Friday, September 5, 2014

Foodtrip to Bugis

I mentioned in my previous blog that a Filipino blog without a food blog isn’t complete.  My blog on the “budol fight” wasn’t actually a blog on food but on a style of eating food.  So here’s a food review blog on a recent food trip with my co-food trippers, my hubby Jojo and Dra Janny. 

This blog isn’t on a Filipino cuisine but on a cuisine from a neighboring Asian country, Singapore.  Our group (some co-parents from Angelicum) usually has our breakfast “meetings” at Lam Tin on Banawe street which is one of the few restaurants that are open early, around 7am.  Lam Tin especially during lunch and dinner is packed.  During breakfast hours there are a handful of customers.  I need not promote this restaurant as it has all the customers it can handle.

Brunch is served. With Dra Janny, ready to sample the dishes.

So we wanted to try something new.  Just off Banawe on N. Roxas street is a restaurant that I found while searching the internet for a place that opens early and was close to the kids’ school.  Bugis Singapore Streetfood Restaurant opens at 8am and the price reasonable, according to the zomato website.  We were the first customers there since it was only a little past 8am.  The interior was cozy with the bright colored chairs and soft lights.  We ordered the laksa, one of their specialties, the vegetable rolls, tofu with mushrooms, crab and scallop sticks.  We were told that they did not have the vegetable rolls but just meat rolls, so we made do with that.  The laksa was the first to arrive in a small wok on top of a boiler that kept the soup warm.  We asked for the rice to be served so we could start at once. Hungry stomachs could not wait.

Laksa is a famous Singaporean curry soup dish that has a
mixture of noodles, seafood and other dishes that can also be
bought ala carte like fishballs
Though I found the laksa to be more spicy than I was used to, it was just the right combination with the rice (and the cold water which I kept handy).  And to our pleasant surprise, they refilled the soup even without our request.  Unlimited laksa soup, Wow! This alone was worth the cost of the dish.  The other dishes weren’t that fantastic, your ordinary lumpia and the tofu a little too big and on the sweet side, with the mushrooms too small to be noticed.  The crab sticks were delicious though. These could be ordered ala carte from the front of the store along with the fishballs, squidballs, kikiam, etc.  We spent about P560 for the whole meal.

I would go back to the place, even if it was just for the laksa.  We promised to take the kids there one of these days. I’m sure they’ll like the place. Benjo has tasted laksa before from Paotsin and loves it and I’m sure he’ll love the laksa at Bugis too.  Joselyn, on the otherhand, would be content with the fishballs and maybe some of the other dimsum entrees.  All-in-all, Bugis Singapore Streetfood Restaurant – Pop!  (If Tonipet of Poptalk cares to ask ;)


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