Friday, September 12, 2014

Foodtrip - Ramon Lee's Panciteria

To put more order into my random blogging, I've decided to designate some days with specific topics:
  • Throwback Thursdays
  • Foodie Fridays
  • Spirit-filled Sundays
It being a Friday, the topic is on food, which could be anything from restaurant reviews, Filipino food culture or Filipino recipes.  Today I've chosen to review the Ramon Lee's Panciteria restaurant in Quiapo, Manila since we were just there last Monday.

We came from the Villalobos area where we looked at jewelry material at Wellmanson's.  Ramon Lee wasn't our first choice.  We wanted to try the store the Globe lumpia house, but unfortunately they didn't have any dine-in space and only catered for take-out customers.  So we, Dra Janny and I, followed Jojo blindly, as he led us to the street that led to Ramon Lee.  

It was around 12:30pm, we were hungry and our walk turned out to be longer than we had expected. So we chose one of the first things that the waiter suggested, their budget meal combo, which consisted of fried rice, roasted chicken, pancit canton noodles, fried siomai and an egg/tofu soup for P150.  We asked how long the order would be and the waiter said it would only take a few minutes.  We were hungry from the long, hot walk.  And they were right, in less than 5 minutes our meal was right in front of us.  Not much to look at and when I tasted it, not much to taste either.

I hate to make a bad review on any restaurant.  This restaurant actually got a good review from Poptalk.  But we have to remember that these are TV shows doing the review on restaurants who are notified in advance of their visit.  Unlike us, your ordinary Filipino citizen, who just happens to be in the area, unannounced with no TV crew for the world to see.  I was hungry and so I would've eaten anything, but what they served was obviously, some leftover food or food that had gone cold and reheated.  Which explains why it only took a few minutes for them to serve the meal.  They're supposed to be famous for their chicken and noodles, but neither one, satisfied my appetite.  And the rice and soup, blah!

I looked at what the other customer next to us ordered, maybe he had it better.  He bought a squid dish with rice which he finished and must've enjoyed.  The place wasn't packed, as you would expect for lunch hour.  As a plus, the waiters, at least the one who served us, were friendly, the seats comfortable enough.  Maybe it was an off day or that the chef wasn't the usual chef, but for a place that has lasted this long (it was founded in 1929), I would suggest a revamp of sorts if they plan on satisfying more customers.  Ramon Lee's Panciteria - no "pop" for me.


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