Saturday, August 30, 2014


I’m 44 years old.  Still young comparatively. But there are times that my body is telling me otherwise. Times when I feel a twinge of pain in my back when bending over, a recent pain in my leg after waking up one morning, but which thankfully went away after some stretching, and some tiredness during the day.

I’ve been wanting to start an exercise routine for awhile. Maybe jogging in the morning, badminton in the afternoon with my kids, but I haven’t found the time nor energy to do neither on a regular basis.  The one thing that I’ve been wanting to try is Zumba, mixing dance with aerobics.  There are lessons almost everywhere, at the QC Circle where we go during some weekends and at the covered court in Binangonan which we pass after going to church.  There are so many people, mostly women young and old attending these informal classes.

I feel a little shy to do this type of thing in public and so I did a search on zumba on youtube and found several videos.  The first one I clicked on was the right type for me, a beginner and so after the kids got out for school and I was left alone at home, I clicked on the video and followed the instructor.

It was simple but yet fun.  I’ve always loved dancing and it was just that, dancing but with a goal of strengthening body parts.  I followed the same video again this morning, but this time with my kids and husband (it being a Saturday) and though they found it fun in the beginning they gave up on it early.  I followed the video to the end and got quite a workout, actual sweating and it felt great.  So I hope to do this more regularly and maybe I’ll get enough courage to join in one of those public zumba classes.

Here's the actual link to the above youtube video: 


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