Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Luho" (Luxury) and "Sapat" (Simple)

Part of my previous blog mentioned our attending mass in English and at times finding words in Filipino that gave it a deeper meaning.  This blog which I originally wrote in April 22, 2012 but which I drafted and never published is very timely...

"luho", "sapat"... these are some of the words that the priest at the 8am mass mentioned in his homily today.  We usually attend the 7am mass, but being it summer and a hot one at that, we have been waking up late and today was one of those mornings where we wanted to catch a few more minutes of sleep.  The reason why we like to attend the 7am mass is that it is just the right time, not too hot in Church plus it's in English as is every second mass.

The 8am mass is in Filipino, which I sometimes have a hard time understanding and following the responses.  But the homily in most part Filipino gives a different insight or perspective such as the one that Father (I didn't catch his name) gave this morning.  The Gospel, as the third Sunday of Easter, was on another appearance of Jesus to his apostles and disciples.  "Peace be with you" is his first greeting.  Father explains that the greeting of "Peace" or in Hebrew, "Shalom", has more connotation than just peace inside us, or spiritual peace, but is holistic in blessing us with all good things including our material welfare. 

"Peace be with you", was another blessing that another Father said before I left the confessional box before Holy week.  For some reason, well reasons that I know but which I will keep to myself, I was crying while confessing my sins. Crying in a way that I found it difficult to talk and afterwards I had to compose myself and try to hide my red eyes from the people who were attending mass and waiting outside the confessional box.  I thought then that Father must've thought that I was in such need of peace that he had to give me some comfort with his additional blessing of "Peace be with you."

"May mga tao nabubuhay in luxury or luho at dahil dito meron mga tao na hindi sapat ang pangangailangan.", is one of the messages that I got from today's mass.  "Luxury" - isn't this something that many of us esteem for?  To live a life of luxury.  But to hear that its Filipino translation is "Luho" brings the word luxury into a different light.  "Luho" means to have more than enough, to go overboard, to have too much - a sin, in short, like greed and gluttony.  I read an article in today's paper which mentioned the word "luxury" twice.

"Sapat" or Father's english translation of "simple".  "Let us live simply, so that others may simply live", is one of the quotes I've read often and have written in my facebook status and a quote that I try to live by but do find hard to comply many times.  "Sapat", or just enough.  Just enough.  The basics, nothing more.  Like it's okay to have a nice pair of shoes, a comfortable pair, then of course, we have to have another to suit an outfit, and then of course, the bag won't match either...  Then the list of needs or wants just goes on and on.


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