Friday, January 27, 2012

"Revisiting" Seattle

My passion for writing is still with me, though I need a lot of practice with most of my thoughts remaining in my mind.  Time to share some of them...

Facebook has become such a hit, surpassing yahoo email and friendster.  My inbox in Yahoo is mostly filled with advertisements or junkmail.  I get only on occassion actual email from friends, who wish to write in more "secret" or less public mode than facebook.  So after a few seconds of checking my yahoo mail, I then go to facebook, to get a quick update on friends and make my own posts or comments.  You can spend literally hours on facebook or on FB as it is more commonly referred to.

I read that FB's new profile Timeline will be compulsory.  I have seen some friends' profiles have already been updated with the new Timeline style.  So I looked into it yesterday and tried it out.  One feature has you tagging a map of the places you've been.  I first tried to tag one picture from when I was still living in Seattle and when I typed in "Seattle, Washington", there right at the click of my mouse was a close-up road map of Seattle.  I clicked and dragged the map as if I was actually there and unconsciously I was brought back in time to the places I travelled, the sidewalks I walked and the roads I drove with the people I was with.  It's been awhile since I've had that feeling and tears were in my eyes.  Homesickness?  How could I be homesick when I have long since called Philippines my home?  But it was some sort of longing that I still feel up 'til now.

Oh how can I not miss or love a place that I have called home for over 12 years?  It was beautiful to tour the place even if it was only in cyber-mode, with the images flashing in my mind, but with my fingers clicking the roads and my mouse going over them as if I was actually on those roads.  I longed to be there, to actually be there.  To see the places again, to drive the streets, to smell the air and see the trees... to relive that time. 

The names of the streets, even if they were just numbers... 88th st, Wallingford, 45th St, NE, NW, Ballard where we ate at our favorite Thai restaurant, Greenlake, Golden Gardens, I-5, UW...

But for now, reality sets it.  It's not easy to get a visa back to the US.  Plus I have my family and we would want to travel together.  What fun that would be!  For my kids to see the places which they have only heard snippets of stories about.  Maybe some day... maybe.

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Like today, getting pass is not that easy. At least your lucky.

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