Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Babbling With Purpose

I sure have not done a lot of blogging this year.  Writing is something that I do miss and I wish I found it higher in my list of priorities.  But as I sit here in front of the computer I find myself staring and grappling with my thoughts.  Maybe there are just too many or, a scarier thought, too few.

I made a Word document which I titled Career-Business Assessment.  I made a list of my current talents, gifts, capabilities, assets and another of my interests and looked at where those two meet.  In another column I wrote a list of concrete goals before the year ends for each "category".  At the age of 41, it seems that I should have been doing this a long time ago.  But it's never too late to start.

With our Canadian Immigration file being in the "In Process" status for over 6 years, I look back and wish that we didn't put too much hope in actually immigrating to Canada.  I've held back in investing my money and time on something more worthwhile - like the here and now.  Not investing the money that I have in savings because I knew that I needed to show the Embassy that we had enough money to settle once we were in Canada (one of the requirements for a successful immigration, in case we do not find employment right away).

Last year in December we met with an Immigration "lawyer", one of the hosts of a TV show about immigrating to countries like the US and Canada.  My husband had always wanted to consult with him, but I kept telling him that it would be a waste of our money, because they could not hasten the process.  And I was right, we spent P2500 in consultation fee after waiting for over an hour and only talking with the guy for about 30 minutes.  The biggest disappointment was that he was actually on the internet (the same websites that I've used to gather info), and he told me you can just look at these sites and I should know since I'm a "techie".  I put lawyer in quotations because after watching one of his shows on TV, I wondered why the other attorney hosts, referred to him as "Kabisa", instead of "Attorney" as the other lawyers were referred to.  So it's our assumption that he isn't a registered attorney and just has enough experience and personality for others to believe that he is a real lawyer. 

Well, we did get something out of our meeting, (not sure if it was worth P2500 though).  He told me of other options, like the provincial nomination program in Manitoba, where I have a couple of cousins who are residents.  And as if one of my cousins had telepathy crossing over the Pacific Ocean, he called us about a day or two after our visit to the lawyer's office and offered his assistance.  He kindly said that he had helped two other families from his wife's side and was now ready to help someone else.  What a generous spirit!  My cousin, Kuya Fuling, whom I've only met a handful of times since Manitoba has been his home for over 20 years.  What a great guy and I do appreciate his offer.

Oh, didn't I say that I couldn't find where to start with my writing and here I am... blabbing away.  Well, this is a good jump-start.  Kind of dragging and long I realize but at least my fingers and mind got their exercise.  Let me end it here and hopefully I find the time to continue with these stories another day... No, let me put it in writing (this worked the last time).  I blogged 1-2 times a day before, not caring if it was read.  Let me do the same now, but this time about 3 times a week, with some significant topic that has direction and purpose, for others and for me.


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