Friday, February 4, 2011

Chinese New Year

Kung Hei Fat Choi!  That's a greeting of Happy New Year in Chinese!  It was the Chinese New Year yesterday, February 3, the day of the first new moon of the year.  We were at SM yesterday after picking the kids up from school.  There were many festive Chinese decorations all around the mall to celebrate this day which not only Chinese or Filipino-Chinese celebrate, but which has also become part of the Filipino culture.

Here's a picture of Benjo and Joselyn in front of a "money tree".  On closer look, it seems to be a real tree that was painted gold and on another closer look, those money envelopes were just envelopes with no money in them.  Of course. Or else none of the envelopes would be left on the tree...

What is all the fuss about?

These students, elderly man, along with Jojo and Benjo were all looking at this billboard which showed the Chinese horoscope for this year, the year of the metal rabbit.  Though I respect those who believe in the Chinese horoscope, I myself am not a believer.  But for anyone who is interested, here's one site for Chinese Astrology for 2011

There was also a lot of loud noise in the directions of the 2nd floor, where 2 "lions" and 1 "dragon" were dancing, one lion in gold, another in red, and the dragon in green...

This is the traditional lion dance, where men weave and sway the lion body in and out of the stores - for good luck and good business, in exchange of a donation which the store manager gives.  I noticed that the lions would stop in front of a store, first asking permission, then proceeding with their dance once the manager/supervisor gives them a nod.  There are many stores in the mall and I'm sure the dancing lions were quite prosperous that day.

So as we welcome in the year of the metal rabbit, we do hope, as in all years, that this may bring all of us, no matter what year you were born, good health, prosperity and fortune (merited by good and honest hard work and not gifted as "pabaon" or "pasalubong" :)


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