Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Review of "RPG - Metanoia"

We watched the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry, "RPG Metanoia" at SM San Lazaro last December 27.  I first searched the internet to find reviews about the movie and I found one blog which had some good things to say about the film.  There weren't many other reviews considering that the movie had its first showing, like the rest of the MMFF entries, on Christmas day.

The movie bragged about being the first 3D Animated movie of the Philippines.  Believing in the Filipino talent, I was enthusiastic as we awaited the start of the screening.  It was the first movie that the kids watched in 3D and though the 3D glasses kept slipping off their small (or in Filipino, "pango") noses, they eagerly awaited the start of the movie.

The storyline was good, with parts that made me smile and laugh.  I loved the parts when the kids played traditional street games with the musical score from Apo Hiking Society's song "Bawat Bata" with the lyrics "bawat bata sa ating mundo, may pangalan, may karapatan... hayaan mong maglaro and bata sa araw..."  So nostalgic, so sentimentally Filipino, I loved it!  I also loved the little details that only us Filipinos or other nationals who really know the Philippine culture would really appreciate.  Like the mother wearing a duster and the little boy using a walis and being a standby with his barkada (group of close friends) at a nearby sari-sari store.

What disappointed me though was the 3D effects.  Before the movie started, previews of upcoming 3D shows made in the US were shown.  This, unintentionally, set the excitement for 3D viewers, but our expectations subsided as the main feature started.  I took off my 3D glasses in some parts of RPG and found that it didn't make a difference.  So I concluded that not all parts of the film was made in 3D.  The action parts when they were playing "inside" the computer games were in 3D.  I found some of these too fast and would have liked to have seen more animation that made full use of the 3D features, features that seemed to actually "pop" out of the screen.  The script was somewhat too monotonous in some parts, the little voice of Zaijan predominant in the movie.  I had gone with little sleep for a few days and I admit I wanted to close my eyes and doze off in the middle of the movie.  But it would've been a waste of my P180, which is what we paid for a single ticket to the movie.

I believe in the Filipino talent and really want to see the Filipino movie industry revive and compete in the international scene.  But compared to the international movies, I have to honestly and sadly say, that we still fall short.

Lessons learned in the movie: Beware of the dangers of spending too much time in front of your computer (which I am doing now as I write this :).  There is so much more to see, to learn, to experience...in the real world.

RPG - Metanoia cinema teaser


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