Thursday, November 4, 2010

Toy Kingdom Sale

For those who have kids on their Christmas list, Toy Kingdom will be holding a warehouse sale at SM Megamall's Megatrade Halls (1 & 2) this weekend, November 5-7.  We were at one of these sales a couple of years ago and a warning for those who plan on going this weekend: expect lots of people, long lines and chaos ... we parents should be used to that - toys plus kids plus sales usually equals chaos.

Some tips:  (1) Try to figure out what you want to buy first and go to that section of the hall.  It's better to prepare a list of items to buy and try to stick to that list.  (2) Leave your kids at home or else in one of those play areas, like Dave's Funhouse, so you can shop without worrying about the kids getting lost or adding to the cost of your shopping with the kids wanting to buy toys too. (3) Bring your canvas shopping bags and your SM Advantage and/or Toy Kingdom cards. (4) Shop early if you can.  Friday should be the better day to shop.


Eileen said...

So we went to Toy Kingdom's warehouse sale... all the warnings that I had posted were true. The lines wounds all the way around the hall and zig-zagged wherever it could. I was near the end of the line, being given about an hour and a half to try to get my shopping done. (Jojo left with the kids to Timezone. He said the line will take for ages and I said I'd try to see how far I go)... I didn't get far. The line moved, then it stopped for almost 30 minutes in about the same place. Some of the people around me were thinking that other people were cutting into the line somewhere. My hour-and-a-half wasn't over, but I calculated how important my purchases were to the time I should be spending with my family. Oh well, the savings were not that important... I could probably find some other gifts some place else at another time. So I left the box containing my purchases and headed out the crowded hall. Sigh! I did get to buy a gift for the birthday party we'll be going to tomorrow at Toy Kingdom, the store itself and not the warehouse... without the discount, without the waiting and the crowd.

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