Friday, November 5, 2010

Photo Gift Idea

I try to put more thought in the gifts I give.  It is so easy to just pick up something in the store, wrap in up and give it as a birthday or christmas present.  But it is harder to choose a gift that person will actually appreciate and hopefully put into good use (and not recycle as a gift for next christmas!).  And the gift does not have to be expensive.  I had mentioned in a previous blog that I had bought photo frames for our close friends from the kids' school.  The photo frames are very ordinary, dull even.  But I put in some "labor of love", choosing the right pictures from my collection of shots, editing and arranging the pictures so it is something that I hope, when opened, will be both a joy and surprise.  Here are some samples of those photo editing jobs that I still have to print out and place in the frame...

I used both Paintshop Pro to edit the pictures and Microsoft Word to layout and add wordart.  Paintshop Pro doesn't seem to be flexible enough in arranging and re-arranging several images in one project.  The hardest part in creating these projects was tracing the contours of the images in order to give it a solid background.  At one store in SM, I saw one technician easily trace the contour using Adobe Photoshop.  In Paintshop, I use the freehand tool, using it in several sections and cutting the selected section.  I'll have these printed out at a nearby Kodak store, which will cost P7 per printout.  Hopefully the sizes work out for the frames I bought.


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