Friday, November 12, 2010

Home Designer Help

Home design TV programs are my favorite shows to watch.  This is probably another sign that I took the wrong major during college - Computer Science being far from the artistic side of my brain.  A frustrated designer I may be, that's why I buy Home and Living magazines to browse the professional designs of people's homes, watch the home design shows on TV and look at more designs on the internet.  Truly amazing are the makeovers that I've seen, especially on Clean House, which I think any makeover would be an improvement with the mess of the houses they feature on that show.

One of the home design shows I watch is Color Splash.  I saw David Bromstad win the first Design Star competition to be the host of his own show.  I love how he creates his own pieces, customized paintings that match his designs.  How I wish I could do that, just make my own designs.  But I have to admit I'm challenged with originality and need to see what others have created and try to imitate it.  So I may be more of an imitator than a creator or artist.

Our living room is still a challenge for me.  About a month ago I challenged myself to makeover our sofas before my birthday on November 28, which is fast approaching.  So far, I just added some cushion covers, but the sofas remain girlscout green.  I have about 2 weeks.  Will I have enough motivation to get this goal done?


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