Sunday, November 14, 2010

Giving Our Time This Christmas

Not all gifts have to come wrapped.  There are some gifts that are not found in gift boxes but still bring out big smiles and shouts of laughter, especially for the kids in our family.  For example, taking out our loved ones to watch a concert or to an amusement park would be a gift that would be worth more than any toy and will create memories they will surely remember.  "Time is a treasure", as the saying goes and how true this is.  Setting aside time to take out the special people in our lives to an event or place they haven't been to is giving both of our our time, our money and ourselves.

I've compiled a list of the places where I would like to take my family this Christmas.  We won't be able to go to all these places, maybe just one or two.  But it doesn't have to be just for this Christmas, many of these places are open year-round:
All of the above places (except the Greenhills Christmas display) have entrance fees, a little steep for some (please link to the respective web sites for entrance prices).  But the Spirit of Christmas really means just spending time with those you love, so any place - even at home or at a public park, playing games or sports with your children and other family members, will truly be a Christmas they will cherish.  The above picture is of the time after Benjo's 7th birthday when he learned to play Bingo with family and relatives.  This to him is memorable, maybe even more than the swimming party he had earlier in the day.


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