Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eco Bags Vs Plastic

We were at Puregold Supermarket yesterday.  I was thinking the other week, during the time when I was trying to find ways to cut down on our use of plastic bags, how shopping at Puregold is much more convenient than other grocery stores and the products there are cheaper with the option of buying in bulk or per piece.  But whenever we bought at Puregold we always went home with so many of their clear plastic bags.  The clear plastic bags are probably used so the checkers could easily see the items contained in the bags.  With other major supermarkets trying to go green by selling reusable canvas-like bags, Puregold was being left behind in this environment-conscious age.  But I was wrong. We were about to leave when I saw at the corner of my eye a cart filled with colorful canvas bags with Puregold's Aling Puring character printed on the bags.  It was such a wonderful sight, among all the other carts with plastic bags, one shopper had his Puregold reusable bags.

I have to admit that with all my blogging on trying to be environmentally conscious, our household still uses a lot of plastic.  There have been times that I have forgotten to bring our eco-bags and even one time I had brought a foldable one in my shoulder bag and was reminded by a teller asking if I had a "green bag" and thankfully I did, thereby saving another plastic bag.

SM has their own green bags, so does Shopwise and now Puregold.  I have a National Bookstore canvas bag which I bought for P100 and Joselyn has collected 2 bags so far which were used by two of her classmates as their giveaway bags, instead of the usual plastic loot bag.  So now, instead of plastic bags, we are literally collecting bags made of some non-woven material, which isn't all that bad, but still, do we really need all these canvas bags?

We reuse the plastic bags that we accumulate when shopping, mainly as garbage bags.  Funny though that with the more frequent use of the canvas bags, it is sometimes becoming harder for us to find big enough plastic bags for our garbage.  We have tons of smaller bags that we hardly use, like the ones from Mercury.  As a compromise, I will try to count the number of bags we get from purchases and the number of plastic bags we use in a week.  Hopefully they even out so we don't have so many plastic bags in stock.  Another thing to look into is the amount of garbage we have each week and how to minimize this.  But that's another story which I'll leave for another day...


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