Sunday, November 7, 2010

Basketball - with the 45+ Age Group

It's a Sunday, nearing evening... just woke from my short nap, it's really a requirement to nap if one wants to survive the rest of the evening... there is at last 4 hours left in the day, a day which began at around 6am.  Joselyn also just woke up.  We're waiting for Jojo and Benjo who spent the day in Binangonan.  They'll both be tired, mainly from the travel, Jojo extra tired from playing basketball. 

Jojo joined the 45+ basketball league.  Yes, Jojo now falls into that age group after turning 45 last May.  Basketball has always been one of the sports close to his heart.  He was good at it, he and others say, but how long has it been since he actually played.  Much too long and his body felt it.  A new muscle and joint aches after every game.  They've won 3 games so far, lost the first one.  Jojo has contributed less than 10 points, for all 4 games, though his game is getting better, with each muscle waking up after each game.

It's a little funny (okay, it's pretty pathetic) watching a basketball game of middle-aged men, non-professional ones at that.  In the beginning of the game, everyone seems to be pretty pumped up.  But that only lasts for a few minutes.  After awhile, instead of wanting the ball, the players shake their heads signalling the person with the ball to not give it to them.  Some lag behind at the back court while others make an excuse of needing to go home and then never returning to the game.  The first game I watched I literally worried that we needed to call emergency, scared that the players' heart condition would not take the gruelling fast-break runs.  But they survived, taking many time-outs or substitutions.

Jojo says he's not used to getting jeers instead of cheers.  He was one of the star players back then and how he probably wishes he has his old body back.  When he did take a nice jump shot that actually went in the hoop, a bunch of his "fans" cheered, a rare score, but that small success and two seconds of fame was enough for him to drive the two hours every weekend to that concrete turf and revive the basketball days of old.


Eileen said...

As of this writing, the Red team has 4 wins and 1 loss. Yesterday they didn't have a game, with the court being used to view the Pacquiao-Margarito boxing match...

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