Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another Great Find!

In my continued search for items on my shopping list, I made another trip to 168 Shopping Mall in Divisoria.  This was my second trip to 168 so I was more familiar with the stalls.  On the way to 168, I walked in one of the stores on one of the main streets leading to 168 (will try to find the name of that street, but for those familiar with the area, it's one of the busy streets with vendors on all sides).  I first noticed their little figurines thus prompting me to walk in their store, then I glanced upon the seat/storage boxes at the corner.  I had contemplated on buying these on my first trip.  The saleslady said that they were only P125, a better deal than the P150 price they were offering at 168.  I looked at the different prints they offered and decided to take two of the seat/storage boxes pictured on the right.

I must be attracted to this print, seeing the similarities it has to the jewelry box I bought in my last blog.  It is a great addition though to our living room area.  The saleslady said that it's made of plywood, (which I would like to believe) and not of the usual hardwood, and covered with non-woven fabric and plastic material for the lid.  When you buy the seat/storage boxes, they are folded as shown below:

Very handy to carry and gift wrap.  Though I bought these for our own personal use, I am thinking of going back and buying some more as gifts.  They are very sturdy and quite comfortable to sit on.  I've sat on them several times, though Jojo doesn't trust himself to try it out.  Great for storing items such as books, magazines, newspapers or phone directories as we have done...

I'm thinking of getting one each for the kids.  I saw one in a Princess design priced at P175.  I hope to find one in a boy's design.  It's a tidy storage box for the kids' toys and will serve as their seats when they watch television.  Two gifts in one - a seat and a storage box!

Tip!:  These seat/storage boxes are a little heavy to carry, especially if you buy 2 or more.  I would suggest buying these last on your way back to your car or on your jeepney ride home.


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