Monday, October 11, 2010

Using SM Eco Bags to "Wrap" Gifts

I've been thinking about different ways that we can package the gifts we give out this Christmas.  Getting gift-wrapping paper or gift bags are usually the norm.  But with the amount of waste we accumulate after all the gifts have been opened, we need to be more creative in wrapping our gifts in order to reduce waste and help Mother Earth. 

A great idea, and I'm probably not the only one who's thought of this, is to buy an Eco Bag from SM.  I've seen them displayed in different stores around SM.  I saw their ad in the Sunday paper and was surprised how cheap they are. The canvas bags are only P35, which is about the same amount you would pay for some paper gift bags.  The bags are colorful and fashionable and would fit most gift sizes.  (I'm not trying to promote SM and am not affiliated with them except as a shopper.  I do honor SM though for their goals to be more environmentally-friendly.)

By using the SM eco bags, we are actually giving 2 gifts in 1 - the gift and the bag!  This would be great for gifts like clothing, books, toys and other gift items that would fit in the bag.  It may not be so practical for smaller gifts.  For smaller items we could use recycled paper and wrap it with string instead of using plastic tape or plastic ribbons.  I've yet to find a supplier of recycled paper.  I'll post it here once I do find one in the area.

October 13, 2010...
We were at SM yesterday and I didn't want to leave without buying the said eco bags.  I bought the set, a total of P140.  The canvas material is quite thin, not as sturdy as I thought they would be.  The designs would look better on cotton, but hey, considering it only costs P35 each this is still a good deal.  Joselyn wanted one of the bags, but I told her that it was going to be used to "wrap" Christmas gifts for our friends, and she had one of her moments.  I am thinking of going back to get some for ourselves.  The orange is my favorite, but I think the other designs and colors are just as great.

I was at Divisoria today and found some great alternatives to wrapping gifts, plus other finds.  I'll write on this on my next blog...


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