Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Music Inspirations

I was going through the paper this morning as part of my usual morning routine.  This time in our bedroom, taking peeks from behind my paper to see what Joselyn was up to.  She had her own show going, playing this time with these markers, putting them on top of the other and finding that they stack together and she can actually balance several markers without them falling.  She's enjoying her 2nd day out of school because of Bagyong Juan.  We continue to pray for our countrymen who have been directly affected by this recent typhoon.

As I was saying, I was reading the paper and glanced upon the Top 10 list of best-selling CDs, something that I don't usually take notice of.  But I noticed that in the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) class, there are 3 Christmas CDs on this list!  I was actually thinking of purchasing a new Christmas CD and it seems like that I'm not the only one who wants to add to that "Christmas spirit" by listening to sounds of Christmas tunes.

For now, I'm contented playing my old Christmas and Christian music CDs or listening and watching some tunes on youtube.  I have not entered the world of the iPod yet, but I don't think I'm missing much.  Here's one of my favorite songs which I love listening to.  It's not one of our traditional Christmas songs, but it sure emcompasses the spirit of Christmas ...  "Breath of Heaven" by Amy Grant:

While I'm in this inspirational, musical mood, let me share with you another of my favorites.  Composed and sung by the late Rich Mullins - "If I Stand"...


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