Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gift and Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas draws near with only 73 more days, but less considering the time when we actually distribute gifts.  For our school friends, it will be on the last day of school before Christmas break, so that's approximately 63 days left.  I already have a wonderful gift idea for our close school friends.  In our many outings this past year, I've accumulated countless pictures with the kids and their parents.  I'll put this on CD and print out a few, one I'll put in a frame.  So one item on my list, which I've checked off today is to buy several photo frames.  I specifically wanted a wooden frame since I'm trying to stay away from plastic products this Christmas and be more environmentally conscious.  I got a great deal on these frames which I bought at 168 Shopping Mall in Divisoria for only P25 each - wholesale price (at least 6 of the same item)!  I had found a smaller frame at one of the first stores I entered and they were offering the smaller sized frame for the same price,  so I consider myself lucky to find a better bargain.

In my previous blog, I wrote about finding alternative ways to wrapping gifts.  Another great idea is to use handkerchiefs, which you can purchase for P10 each or buy in packages of 12 for less than P5 each.  Wrapping the frames or any other gift is quite simple as illustrated in the following pictures.  Use a fabric ribbon and tie a bow to secure the gift and make it extra attractive...
Spread out handkerchief.  Choose bright, colorful prints.

Put the gift item in the center and fold each corner of the handkerchief towards the center.
You don't have to use any fancy folds, the print of the handkerchief and the ribbon will give you the
decorative elements you need.
The final product.  Simple and elegant, yet cheap and environmentally-friendly.

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