Sunday, September 12, 2010

Need A Living Room Makeover

Our living room area is in need of a makeover.  Well, need is not the exact word, more like want.  Green, and a shade of green that reminds one of girl scouts, is the color that we've had to live with since having the sofa covers made back in 2003.  So we have 5 pieces of furniture with this same shade of color, way too much!  I bought a small piece of green and yellow print and sewed a cover for the footstool.  I thought it was a nice touch.  Now, I want to change the others, but am still deciding on what colors and print to choose.

I moved the furnitures around so we have more space plus it added another space where the kids sometimes play or do their homework.  I think watching all those home makeovers on TV has been paying off.  The picture below is of one of our sofas which I put against the wall.  2 things - I want this particular sofa to have a more brigher color/print than the others since it's on a plain wall.  And secondly, I plan on moving that mirror and putting up some sort of artwork on the wall to make it more interesting.

Aside from the sofa covers, we need to change the light/ceiling fan.  We had bought this when we were remodelling the house in 2002, but the problem... both the ceiling fan and light does not serve their purposes.  The ceiling is too high for the fan to give us any type of wind, the light too dark to give us enough light to read at night.  When we were at Wilcon Builders with Ate Elvie, I had a chance to look at the options.  At this point I'm looking for a ceiling light.  The stand-up electric fans that we have right now will suffice.  I found some nice designs on the internet, but have not found them yet in any of the stores.

Here's some of the designs that I found on the internet that I think may look good on our ceiling:

But besides the style, I must think of its purpose, first and foremost - to give sufficient light for our living room area.


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