Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mushroom Burger Fan

One of my favorite foods right now, and I hope it's not a passing fancy, is mushroom burger from (where else?) - Mushroomburger, this branch along West Ave, Quezon City.  We've passed it countless times before.  I think we did try several years ago but I don't remember it tasting this good.  Jojo and I ate there for breakfast after I visited the BIR a short distance from Mushroom Burger last month.  We ordered the burger mixed with beef, Jojo's with cheese, mine without.  It tasted so good, a refreshing new patty taste than from the other more popular food chains.  It had pickles, fresh cucumber and tomato along with their own sauce that's probably a mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup.  To top it off the french fries that came a few minutes after the burger were also so good - freshly fried and seasoned just right.  We went back that same week with Mom and the kids and again today after Sunday Mass.  The restaurant at West Ave opens at 7:30am and closes at 11pm.  They do provide free delivery, but I'm not sure what their scope for delivery is, not sure if they deliver as far away as our place.  I wish they did have a branch closer to us.  Jojo tried their lomi today and he said it tasted great too.  They do have other options on their menu, which I'm kind of excited to try on our future visits.


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